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Camel Safari in Indian Desert
Thar Desert Safaris - Thar desert in India provides option of safari adventure in Thar desert like desert camel safaris in Thar, jeep safaris in Thar desert, Thar desert safaris in Rajasthan India.
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Desert Safari in India|Thar Desert Safari

The Landscape
You won't be disappointed as you are definitely going to see the sand dunes that look like mountains of sand here but keep that rock climbing gear ready if you've to get the complete picture of the area ... and, and, don't miss the salt-lake bottoms and while you cover all these places and structures, carry that water bottle along (try to take a bigger one).
Indian Deserts

Ideal Time For A Desert Safari
Choose winters for a desert safari as the months between October and March are warm and comfortable for desert safaris.

Camel Caravan in Desert

Pearls India Vacation
Things You Need to Carry
Drinking water
Sun screen lotion
First aid kit
Wear loose and light cotton cloth
Light shoes

Desert Safari in India, Talk about the origin of the Thar desert and all it evokes is controversy. But tell us ... are you really concerned? Rather, you might be interested in knowing where it is located because you've to get there. The Great Indian Desert is present in four states of India viz Punjab, Rajasthan, Haryana and Gujarat. Once you get there, don't expect for an oasis, as is known about any desert worth its name. But it is one of the most densely populated deserts of the world. Surprised? Even the animal population has increased over here ... and you were thinking that deserts were difficult for life.

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Camel Safari

The camel is happy to take you along, so are you.

Thar Desert Safari - Now that you've realized that your fears were unfounded, let Vacations India accompany you as you choose the desert safaris, one of the popular modes of exploring the Thar and the surrounding areas. You won't miss a thing, as you'll come across all that the place has to offer such as forts, palaces, temples and desert (obviously). There are three cities that mostly act as the base for these safaris - Jaisalmer, Bikaner and Jodhpur.

The Wildlife - Desert Safari Tour
Yes, there is life ... there are wilds ... and there is wildlife in Thar desert. You'll find animals of wide variety here such as the desert fox and the caracal. Others in the list are the great Indian Bustard, falcons, chinkaras, blackbucks, spiny tailed lizards etc.

The Safaris - Desert Safari Tour
  • Camel Safari : Camel Safari is the choice for exploring the interiors of the Thar as nothing can negotiate the inhospitable terrain of Thar better than the ship of the desert. Along with the Thar, see the cities, villages and historical ruins. We agree that riding a camel is difficult but not riding it will be a lot more difficult. The major destinations covered are Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Khimsar and Osian.

  • Jeep Safari : One of the most comfortable ways of exploring the countryside of the most colourful state of India is a jeep safari. It really is a wonderful experience to let the wind ruffle through your hair while you ride your way through the vast expanse of the Thar desert. Some of the most exciting destinations are covered through the Jeep Safari.


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